Just pick a template and email us your content.

You’ll never have to configure any settings or even log into an account.

The easiest way to get a website

Utterly hassle-free

Just pick a template, send us your content, and sit back. You won’t have to log into an account or learn how to use a complicated admin panel. You could have your own website in as quickly as a day.


Mobile is a given. Every single template is responsive and looks right at home on a smartphone, tablet and big desktop computer.

30-day free trial

Try us out for 30 days. If you’re not thrilled with the experience, just let us know and we’ll cancel your plan. No commitment, no pressure.

No contract

You’re free to stay as long as you want. You won’t have to sign a contract, and you’re not committed to a minimum term.

No lock-in

The content you put on your website belongs to you. If you ever want to leave, we’ll email your content to you in HTML format, so that you can easily upload it wherever else you go. You won’t even need to delete your account because you’ll never have one to begin with.

No hidden fees

The price you see is the price you pay. No hidden costs, no exit penalties, no one-time initiation fee.

Free domain name

Every template comes with free registration of a domain, such as (or .net, .org, .us, .ca or

Email included

You’ll get your very own custom email address, ending with your domain name. And it will be integrated with your existing email account (Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail or Yahoo), so you won’t have to check for your personal and work email in two separate places.

Easy updates

Update your content up to three times per month. Just email us whatever you would like to be changed, and we’ll update your website in a flash.

Super-useful plugins

Got a map from Google Maps? A video from Vimeo? A photo album from Flickr? These can be incorporated in almost all of our templates. Just tell us where your stuff is and we’ll put it on your website.

Socially aware

If you’ve got a presence on social networks — such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube — just let us know and we’ll link to your accounts from your website.

All-original designs

All of the designs that you have to choose from are original and exclusive to Nominal.


Your website will be hosted on an industry-leading server, such as Amazon’s robust AWS, making it super-fast to load and with incredible uptime.


Your website will be built the traditional way, with HTML and CSS. So, it will not be vulnerable to the kinds of attacks that affect websites built with many popular content management systems, such as WordPress.


Choose from a handful of gorgeous templates. We’ve focused on making each template as beautiful, clean and content-friendly as possible. And we’re always adding more templates.

Laser-focused design

Don’t pay for a ton of features when you only need a few simple pages. Your website will have only the essentials, with nothing to distract visitors.


Don’t fork over hundreds, even thousands, of dollars to a developer when all you need is a simple website. Pay just a low monthly fee and get up and running today.

Free photos

If you like the photos or icons in any template, feel free to use them — they’re all yours. Of course, you can use your own if you have them.

Bloat-free code

The code for your website’s design will be customized precisely for your content. This means you’ll have not an ounce of bloat, unlike what you find with many self-managed platforms.

Smooth redesigns

Has another template caught your eye? You’re free to switch templates every year. Just tell us which one you want. The process will be as easy as it was the first time.

Free analytics

See who’s coming to your website. With Google Analytics integration, you’ll get a mountain of data about who’s visiting your website, how they’re getting there, and more.

Payments by Stripe

When you sign up to get your own website, the payment process is powered by Stripe. This means we’ll never see your credit card details, and your financial data is secure.

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